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Material collected at CR 3.0 at Arcspace (St. Wilfrids Enterprise Center), Hulme, Manchester, UK.

History of Hulme presented in relief standing on the walls of Zion Center in Hulme, Manchester, UK. Relief depicts peoples

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struggle to bring housing to the community and initiates work on gang prevention community culture, migrant culture, etc.
Photographs taken by:
More on Hulme history here: htp://


Hulme history slideshow was a presentation by well known cartoonist from Hulme, that goes by the name Polyp, depicting old photographs about Hulme from the beginning of 1990s, trough devastation and rebuilding in 80s and than bringing down again in 90’s and building it as is now. Some of the photos look like devastation after 2nd world war, but its bringing down workers houses after Ford industry closed down.
Polyp website:
This photos were a part of the CultureRobot installation during Futuresonic ’09 festival fringe at Arcspace, Hulme, Manchester, UK.

Hulme History sideshow photographed from floor metal plaits reliefs at Hulme park.
Photos are taken by:
This sideshow was a part of the CultureRobot installation at St. Wilfrids Enterpraise Center during Futuresonic fringe 09 organized by Arcspace.

Jen and kids were having fun with the cameras, documenting part of the Saturday feeling in the park next to St. Wilfrids Enterprise Center and in fron of the Center where Futuresonic fringe event was happening during Futuresonic 09. This part went into CultureRobot installation that was situated inside room number 21 in St. Wilfrids.

Craig Winterburn is community artist and political activist living in Hulme, Manchester, UK. He teache drumming classes and is producing drums himself. His photographs have been a part of the CultureRobot 3.0 installation and he gave drumming sessions with interested participants in front of St.Wilfrids Enterprise center during Futuresonoic fringe events organized by ArcSpace.

During Futuresonic 09 festival in Manchester, UK Guerrilla Busking event organized by SingleCellCollective was captured by: Keith Dewsup, Colin Blaney, Jess Pasteiner, Tim Hunt and Mick Fuzz.
Here is a short version edited from the complete interviews that can be found here:

Silver Car photos are taken in the Redbricks area of Hulme, Manchester, used at

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CultureRobot installation at ArcSpace for Futuresonic 09.Interview with John Nancollis, project leader of the St. Wilfrids Enterprise center where Arcspace was situated during Futuresonic ’09.


Material collected at CR 2.0 in San Jose dos Campos, Brazil at SESC.Overview of the move: 7 points were chosen in the center of Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Points have been collected from the previously done workshops where participants have created narrative maps. Chosen points represent the city and details that are very personal to the participants:

  1. independent bookstore (only one in the city that offers unusual reading material);
  2. nature that is directly incorporated into the city (because of the fresh air SJC has a history of nursing homes and asylums for upper class people);
  3. bus station with its urban chaos – lower classes and public transportation;
  4. playgrounds – kids and families;
  5. omnipotent bars, man breaking the ice, people drink beer;
  6. urban planing of the city with the “nerve system” made of streets with and life in the vehicle, asphalt and it’s dangers (the dangerous curve);
  7. high education – recorded conversation with the lady on the help desk that didn’t gave us a permission to film inside university and shots from university magazine (mostly economy and technical classes with one class for art business).

Video can also be downloaded in ogg video and ogg theora here >>

Drawings done at the mapping workshop (slide show) >>

Slide show of the photos collected from Sao Jose dos Campos streets – not used in the final installation

Streets of Sao Jose from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

Camera that films when you are unaware brings completely new, informal and in it’s form, experimental video. This one was supposed to be part of CR installation in Sao Jose dos Campos.

Watter in Sao Jose dos Campos from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

Watter in Sao

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Jose dos Campos is video taken by mobile phone. Unused watter tower, river, poor people going to municipal watter wells situated in the park next to SESC where workshops were taking place


CR 1.0 and 2.0 slideshow >>